Dyslexia Through An Artist's Eye

By merging images, words and letters, the symbols of the English language, onto canvas, paper, plywood and Masonite, I have created distinctive pieces of art that communicate both the physiological and psychological problems of dyslexics. My goal is to enable people with normal reading skills to quickly experience how comprehension is inhibited when all concentration is spent simply deciphering letter combinations and forming words.

For example, a pastel drawing on paper consists of a paragraph stenciled in all capital letters with no spaces between words. All the letters are in different colors (sociologists and people who teach dyslexic children have found that some see letters and words in color). Another drawing consists of several series of words. Each series contains several misspelled words crossed out, until finally the word is spelled correctly. A third drawing shows stenciled letters, some written correctly, others written backwards; and a fourth drawing illustrates a series of homonyms.

I also have used images of famous people in the fields of art, entertainment, science and business who are dyslexic (or are believed to have been). This shows young and old alike that one can succeed in a language-oriented world in spite of severe language difficulties.