Robert V. P. Davis Statement

To me, the world of art is magic. It takes me to many far-away places, it speaks in many languages. This is one reason why my work is so diversified. I have explored many different subjects, with both realistic and abstract interpretations. These are my trips--short bursts of energy from within. Again and again, I see that I must take a new road on my journey through this world.

Most of my art reflects my life-long fascination with the inner self and the nature of humankind. Regardless of the subject, my work is characterized by a strong sense of color and a balance of lines, shapes and patterns that dance across the image plane. I begin with the initial idea and design, then abstract and purify it until I achieve a simplicity that is compelling in both content and design. Technique is important, but it is secondary to the concept.

With all my art, I try to transform myself and the viewer metaphysically, so that when viewing the finished piece we are left, if only momentarily, somehow different than before we saw it.

My work as a painter, sculptor, designer and illustrator has been exhibited in Baltimore, Washington, D. C., New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Chicago, Utah and Los Angeles, as well as in Sinop and Ankara, Turkey. I have received numerous awards over the years.

Telephone: 410-235-9099

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